It will never happen again.
I will never hurt you
Like I did that day.

I still see your face
Eyes wild
cornered angry frightened lost

Lips trying to form words
to change the trajectory
of the moment

Desperate grasping
My belligerent obstinance
And then it was over.

Skulking around
avoiding contact
licking wounds
harboring resentments
and guilt
and love that will not die.
No matter how
the long years
go flying by
filled with
other people
other places
other lives…
a love that will not die.

Oh! I could fill my bed with lovers
And take transient pleasure
in the filling,
But it’s your face
I seek on this dark night,
and at long last
the absolution
of your embrace.

That’s when I remind myself,
It can never happen again.
I will never hurt you
Like I did that day.

About Sharon

Like anyone who lives long enough, I have experienced great loss and survived. I am convinced that my survival depends on my own participation in creating the reality I am living in, and I am determined to be a thoughtful and active participant/creator. These writings are my way of documenting that creation. As the song goes, "I will survive!" I chose the title Staying Vertical because I find that surviving isn't just staying on my feet physically. Keeping my thoughts and emotions on the vertical plane keeps me alive and moving forward. Thanks for joining me!
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