I feel like a cliche. The news hit me like a semi truck yesterday. Stunned me. My first thoughts were “No! No! No! Not true!” and then expletives when I realized it was true; and there was no rewind button, no erasing the act, no taking it back. Shazzbot!

I hate that we live in a world (especially THiS crazy messed up one) that doesn’t have Robin Williams in it anymore. And I hate that it makes me feel so frail.

I haven’t lived with chronic depression, but I’ve lived around it and have dealt with the angry darkness and leaden fog of the depression brought on by chronic illness and grief. It was close enough to have me forming a forbidden thought in a moment of panic and despair. Dodging the bullet, so to speak.

I’m going to miss you, Robin Williams, and all of the characters that were inside of you. Through each one of them, you helped reveal a little, no, a lot of who we all are. Frailties and all.

Nanu Nanu

About Sharon

Like anyone who lives long enough, I have experienced great loss and survived. I am convinced that my survival depends on my own participation in creating the reality I am living in, and I am determined to be a thoughtful and active participant/creator. These writings are my way of documenting that creation. As the song goes, "I will survive!" I chose the title Staying Vertical because I find that surviving isn't just staying on my feet physically. Keeping my thoughts and emotions on the vertical plane keeps me alive and moving forward. Thanks for joining me!
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2 Responses to Shazzbot

  1. Sherry says:

    And he “contributed a verse.” A delightful, imaginative, effulgent one.
    I will miss him, dearly.

  2. Jeanne massey says:

    One of my daughters said”oh captain, my captain.” Aptly put. Both you and her. What a loss!

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