Feeling My Wings

It’s July again.
Monsoon rains drenching and flooding streets.
Hummingbirds zipping and fighting over feeders.
The Swallowtail butterflies
sailing on breezes
of those final days and hours
waiting and watching
holding on and letting go
letting go
and holding on
wanting it to be over
not wanting it to be the end
and the butterflies
so plentiful that year
a near constant parade
creating a circle of protection
in yellow and black and indigo blue.
When the waiting was over
and all the ties
I watched as you dropped the anchor
to sail away into a summer breeze
leaving the Swallowtails
yearly reminders
of life and death
of life and love
of life
and life that comes forth from life
of death
and the emptiness that is left behind
of love
a spring filling that emptiness
pumping life into
the fragile wings

About Sharon

Like anyone who lives long enough, I have experienced great loss and survived. I am convinced that my survival depends on my own participation in creating the reality I am living in, and I am determined to be a thoughtful and active participant/creator. These writings are my way of documenting that creation. As the song goes, "I will survive!" I chose the title Staying Vertical because I find that surviving isn't just staying on my feet physically. Keeping my thoughts and emotions on the vertical plane keeps me alive and moving forward. Thanks for joining me!
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2 Responses to Feeling My Wings

  1. Sherry says:

    Mmmwah. You bring tears to my eyes.

  2. Susan says:


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